A knowledgeable horticulturist in her own right, Ewa Radka graduated from a Krakow university with a degree in mathematics and accounting. Married to Jerzy in 1983, she played a key role in launching Greenwood International, and continues to make certain that the business is managed and functions in a business-like way. Her pragmatic outlook, accounting knowledge and computer skills are critical to the stability, financial health and controlled growth of the enterprise.

In addition, she brings to bear extraordinary talent in landscaping intimate interior and exterior spaces, such as sunrooms, decks, atriums, dining patios, spas, accent containers, ferneries, entryways, pool surrounds, herb and cutting gardens. She is also proficient in the use of Rain CAD, PhotoScape, IrriCalc and other computer-aided design tools, and is particularly skilled in planning and renovating extensive perennial gardens.