Fireplaces and Stoves

We have the availability and expertise to access and install an array of the markets most desired and highest quality fireplaces and stoves. Take a look at our display of gas, electric and wood fireplaces and inserts. We also have on display gas, wood and pellet stoves.

Gas Fireplaces


Grandview G600C

Horizon HZ40E

Panorama P33E

Excalibur P90E

Santa Monica Pier 60

Chicago Corner 40LE Power Vent

New York View 40

New York View 60


Grandview G600EC

Horizon HZ54E

Panorama P36

San Francisco Bay 40

Seattle See-Through 60

San Francisco Bay 40 Power Vent

New York View 72

New York View 60 Power Vent

Chicago Corner 40RE

Grandview G800C

Panorama P33

Panorama P36D

San Francisco Bay 72

Ultimate U1500E

Chicago Corner 40RE Power Vent

New York View 72 Power Vent

Chicago Corner 40LE

Grandview G800EC

Panorama P33CE

Panorama P36E

San Francisco Bay 60

Ultimate U900E

San Francisco Bay 60 Power Vent

New York View 40 Power Vent

Wood Fireplaces

Alterra CF780

Electric Fireplaces

Skope E105

Skope E110

Skope E135

Skope E195

Gas Inserts

Energy E18E

Regency Gi29LU

Liberty L234

Energy U31

Energy E33

Horizon HRI3E

Liberty LRI3E

Regency Gi29L

Horizon HRI4E

Liberty LRI4E

Regency Gi29LE

Horizon HRI6E

Liberty LRI6E

Wood Inserts

Alterra CI1150

Hampton HI500

Cascades I2500

Pro-Series CI2700

Classic I1150

Hampton HI1150

Classic I2450

Hampton HI2450

Cascades I1500

Pellet Inserts

Greenfire GCI60

Greenfire GFI55

Gas Stoves

Classic C34

Hampton H27

Contura RC500E

Ultimate U39E

Classic C34E

Hampton H27U

Ultimate U38

Hampton H15

Hampton H35

Ultimate U38E

Hampton H15U

Hampton H35U

Ultimate U39

Wood Stoves

Classic F1150

Pro-Series F3500

Classic F2450

Pro-Series F5200

Cascade F1500

Cascade F2500

Pellet Stoves

Greenfire GC60

Greenfire GF40

Greenfire GF55