Tuck Pointing

People often demolish and replace old beautiful walls which could have simply been tuck pointed

One of the reasons you fell in love with your older home is because of its charm and uniqueness. However over the years you probably noticed some of the bricks may be spalling and missing mortar. Before thinking of investing in a complete resurfacing of your home which can be both costly and time consuming you may want to consider tuck pointing. Tuck pointing is essentially the process where the old mortar is grinded out and replaced with new mortar. This reinstates the wall’s structural integrity and impermeability, not to mention that it substantially restores and improves the visual appearance of your masonry building. This process is typically done in major cities where old brick homes and businesses are mainly found. Our state of the art techniques can help you achieve the look you fell in love with without completely having to replace the brick. After all, many of the bricks that have been built into your home are unique in their texture and appearance, providing you with a one-of-a-kind look which can be cherished and passed down for generations.

Washington State is rich with beautiful historical buildings many of which have original brickwork that has lasted many generations. From the turn of the century the Romanesque revival style architecture, together with examples of pre-war Modern and Colonial Revival buildings are pre-dominant all throughout downtown Seattle. Unfortunately the Pacific Northwest weather along with daily use can deteriorate these structures over time leaving beautiful historical places looking aged and worn. Crumbling masonry can be a sign of bigger problems and eventually safety hazards. Seattle Brickmaster’s restoration services are the result of over 25 years of skilled craftsmanship, attention to detail and an understanding of the expression of these cultures in masonry. A historical building is a precious asset and if it is not maintained properly many of the unique original features can be lost. Our skilled craftsmen can safely cut out, repair and repoint all types of deteriorating masonry and are convinced we can restore it to its original splendor.

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